Welding / Folding / Bending

When it comes to the torches, we have several strings to our bow: welding steel, stainless steel and aluminum (TIG and semi-automatic), silver and bronze brazing, cutting torch or plasma torch,… in other words, a wide range of possibilities. Most of our welding work is carried out in our workshop and then delivered or installed, depending on the customer’s order. Nevertheless, in some cases, the welding work is carried out directly on site.

You’ll also find in our workshop, machines able to shape sheet metal: presses, folding machines, bending machines, guillotines,…

TMC is here to help take your projects from ideas in your head or on paper and make them a reality! We manufacture custom parts, “made to measure”, working from blueprints, sketches, instructions or models.

Work carried out is varied:

  • housing or protective casing for machines
  • gangways
  • platforms
  • tables or shelves
  • flue collars or adapters
  • ramps
  • display stands
  • containment basins
  • tanks
  • rims repair