Reconditioning of valves

The second activity is the reconditioning of valves.

This includes many things : manual valves (gate, globe, piston, ball, etc), regulating valves, butterfly, … but also pumps, fire hydrants, hydraulic cylinder, Inspection glass, actuator/motor, etc… and do not forget the safety valves (all brands and types).

The company is an approved contractor for Belgian public works since 1999, allowing us to work at any time to the shortest deadlines and with the reassurance of recognised quality work done in accordance with the appropriate standards and best practices. We quickly realized the importance of safety and the environment. We decided to obtain VCA health and safety certification in 2005. All our staff, both in the workshop and on worksites, is VCA certified.

We work on site or in our workshop, depending on demand and customer’s facilities. We can take care of disassembly and reassembly at your facility, or make on-site revisions if the valves are not removable.

Clearly our strength is being in a position to manufacture or repair ourselves any damaged parts (seat, valve shafts, seals, charging & grinding sealing surfaces, leak repair under seat, etc…), an important advantage given that new parts can but very rarely be sourced from external suppliers sufficiently quickly in the event of a shutdown or an unexpected breakage!