The little ‘extra’ that makes the difference

We have an aggregation for reconditioning safety valves since 1999. (No. V.4.215 of 04.10.1999). That means that all valves that we revises and tests can be returned directly to the customer without having to wait for the agreement of a recognized organization such as AIB, for example.

This Aggreation offers significant time savings that allows us to intervene at any time of day or night, if necessary. The downtime is very restricted.

The company is also certified VCA since 31/01/2005.
In 2004, we realized that security was a key point in our business and we have therefore decided to train our staff.
No one is immune to accidents, of course, but knowing assess the risks before any work, having the skills required for the tasks entrusted to us and cultivate ongoing communication can eliminate a lot of incidents or situations that could be dangerous.

Each year an audit is performed by AIB Vinçotte to verify that our system still holds, and proven over time. This system requires rigor & alertness … and every year since 2005, we are recertified.

We can say that we are quite proud of it.

Our Workers  have also their Forklift license and their Bridge operator license. So, they may be autonomous in most companies and avoid waste of time related to any loading or handling.